We are your personal advisor for wellness holidays. We listen : you just have to fill a form to help us understand which kind of retreat you're looking for, where you want to go, what's your budget... We search your dream retreat among our partners and send you a selection of three packages you'd love. We make your dream come true : once you've chosen your favorite retreat, we make the connection between you and our local partner and help you book your dream retreat.


Just like you, we love wellness holidays. What we don't love is spending hours crawling websites, scouring booking platforms, asking multiple quotations to find our dream retreat. Travel agencies are not bad... but we prefer to keep our budget for the real deal. So we decided to make it easy for you with KAALM : a personal advisor service dedicated to wellness holidays.

Do i have to pay to use your service ?

Using Kaalm to find your dream retreat is 100% FREE ! We are one of these simple pleasures in life...

WELL... How do you make money ? 

We are not a non-profit organization, we do need to make money to offer you a great service. But you don't support the cost of the service : our local partners do. We receive a commission on each booking we bring to our partners. The price we give you are the same you would have with them. Pinky swear 🖐

What kind of holidays do you offer ? 

As a wellness holidays specialist, we are able to help you to find : yoga retreats, yoga teacher trainings, meditation retreats, detox & fasting retreats, fitness retreats, martial retreats. If you're looking for something special but related to wellbeing, don't hesitate to ask. We also have a few partners organizing holidays about surf, mindfulness, weight-loss, writing, etc. 

Which destinations do you offer ? 

We have more than 150 partners in 20 countries. Most of our partners are located in Europe (France, UK, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Switzerland, Germany...) and Asia (Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, India, China, Mongolia, Philippines, Laos...). Our partners list grows on a daily basis as we are now looking for more great partners in South and North America, Australia and Africa. Whatever you're looking for, we will find it !

Who are your partners ? 

All of our partners are wellbeing and tourism professionals organizing and hosting wellness holidays as their major occupation. You'll be in good hands. Yoga teachers, hotel managers, monks, fitness coaches... they all want to help you refresh your mind and feel great about yourself. 

How do I book my holiday once I've chosen the one I prefer ? 

Once again, we're here to help ! We check the holiday availability with our partner and tell you what to do to finalize the booking. We'll tell you what are the booking conditions, how much you have to pay, when you have to pay and how you have to pay. Remember, we want to make it EASY ! 

If you have any other question, we would be really happy to answer it ! Contact : hello@kaalm.co