6 Meditation Apps You'll Love

Believe it or not, your phone may be your shortest route to mindfulness. Long considered a hippie thing, meditation has gained huge popularity in the last few years. Various scientific studies proved that just a few minutes of daily meditation can help you reduce stress, sleep better and be more productive. Whether you want to create a new habit or just give it a try, we tried 6 meditation apps to help you choose the best one for you.

If you want to build an habit - Calm

You’ll begin with a free seven-day course of daily guided meditation. Other programs help you work toward specific themes like stress management, gratitude, or sleep. You can customize your sessions by choosing between different sounds options and durations. The paid version opens up a 21-day program for general wellbeing. 

Price $12,99 / month - Download : https://www.calm.com/


If you’re the busy type - Buddhify

« Modern mindfulness for busy lives », Buddhify is built to fit your life. It offers quick sessions to follow through your daily activities from waking up, to being online, to sleeping. There is even a session to meditate while scrolling your Facebook feed. No more excuses !

Price : $4,99 - Download : http://buddhify.com/  

If you’re a beginner - Headspace 

One of the best apps to learn meditation basics and techniques. Beginners will like its very straightforward approach. Level one and two are made of fun and animated videos and a daily 10-minute session. Up to level 3, you can choose from themed series focusing on health, relationships or productivity. Headspace also features quick sessions you can follow while cooking, commuting or walking.

This one doesn’t come for free but for every subscription purchased, Headspace donates one to a person in need.

Price $12,95 / month - Download : https://www.headspace.com/  


If you’re the progress tracking type - The Mindfulness App

Begin your journey with a five day guided practice and introduction to mindfulness. Once you’re ready, jump into a mindfulness session any time you have a moment free to yourself. For each session, you’re free to choose the length and whether you want a silent or a guided session. The app also lets you track your progress to stay focused on your goals. 

Price : $9,99 / month - Download http://www.themindfulnessapp.com/


If you only have 5 minutes :  Simple Habit

5 minutes a day. That’s all it takes with Simple Habit. Designed by Harvard psychologists, this app for busy people is definitely the simplest meditation app. Here you’ll choose from three 5-minute quick and easy meditation options : morning, work break and sleep. Get started with a 7 day free trial !

Price : $11,99 / month - Download : https://www.simplehabitapp.com/

If you’re on a budget : Smiling Mind

Clear, easy to use and completely free, Smiling Mind was originally designed for children and teenagers but if you’re still young-at-heart, you may like it too ! With themed sessions, duration options and tracking tools, this app is second to none.

Price : Free - Download : https://smilingmind.com.au/